Abdullah Osman Kassim's Massive Contribution to the Circular Economy Is Reducing Waste Entering Landfills

The whopping 7.8 million tonnes of solid waste generated by Australians each year is the reason it's considered the 24th worst country at recycling. Ranked well below where it should be considering Australia's strong economy and wealth, this issue is highlighted by the current climate crisis. Now more than ever is the time for businesses and individuals to reduce their waste and commit to more sustainable alternatives.

Abdullah Osman Kassim is one man dedicated to making this happen. As founder and director of Sri Lankan based Neptune Papers (Pvt) Ltd, he is responsible for the recycling of 70,000 metric tonnes of pre- and post-consumer paper and fabric which would otherwise end up in landfill and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Neptune Papers does this through creating custom recycling solutions for businesses, utilising many recycling streams to achieve and exceed their recycling goals. Facilitated through Neptune Papers' state-of-the-art Automated Baling Machinery, and in-house highly efficient sorting strategies, over a period of just 10 years, Abdullah and Neptune Papers have contributed over 120 million dollars in value to the circular economy.

Whilst these figures speak for themselves, it is, however, Neptune Papers' dedication to making a positive difference that sets them apart. Despite China introducing the ‘National Sword' Policy, banning the import of waste into China for processing, Abdullah had the foresight to ensure this wouldn't impact businesses' ability to recycle. He acted as a stand-in for businesses to ensure alternative services and waste management plans were available, ensuring no impact on their recycling abilities.

Additionally, Neptune Papers' expertise in paper sorting allows them to create value out of waste, a skill acquired through years of experience. Through this they are making a major contribution in an often overlooked area of resource recovery.

Continuing to apply his expertise and experience to ensure recyclables re-enter the market and to further strengthen the global circular economy, Abdullah's impact within the industry is unmatched. Dedicated to helping any business, large or small, Neptune Papers (Pvt) Ltd aids any organisation to take responsibility for waste and play their part in protecting the environment.

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