We are a fully certified and licensed subsidiary of Ex-Pack Corrugated Cartons PLC, one of the largest corrugated carton manufacturers in Sri Lanka. We are also a proud member of Aberdeen Holdings (Pvt) Ltd., one of Sri Lanka’s largest holding groups, boasting a heritage of over 30 years and business interests across diverse industries. We have retained our position as one of the most innovative recycling solutions companies in the world. 

‌With continued investment in our infrastructure, technology and machinery, we place emphasis on R & D to augment and enhance our service offering. 

‌With a state-of-the-art facility in Sedawatte, Sri Lanka and more than 120 dedicated staff, we are able to ensure the most efficient operations and functionality across all aspects of the waste management and recycling functions. 

‌Driven by the values of “giving back to the planet and people”, we place sustainability and creating shared value for all our stakeholders at the very center of our business.  


$160 million worth of value created

400,000 MT

of cardboard recycled

200,000 MT

   of paper recycled    

600,000 MT

of recyclable waste exported


Our key differentiator is our investment in the latest recycling and waste management technology. From cutting-edge machinery in shredding and baling to advanced solutions in weigh bridging and packaging, we offer technology solutions on par with the best in the world.

Industrial Shredding Machines
Our industrial shredding machines are capable of shredding up to one metric ton of paper an hour.

Baling Machines
Our baling machines compress paper into bale form, for easier, more convenient transport.

Electronic Weigh Bridge
This heavy-duty apparatus measures the weight of paper sent for recycling.
Silver Award from the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka in the Large category
Mihisaru Merit Award from the Waste Management Authority of the Western Province of Sri Lanka for Wastepaper Recycling
Commendation from the Presidential Environment Awards 2019 in the Solid Waste Recovery/Recycling/Disposal or Processing Plants category

We are recognized globally for our contributions to creating shared value and our stringent business practices. Our ethics are the cornerstone of our identity and we take pride in being acknowledged worldwide for them.


Manager – Paper & Board Solutions - Industries

Manager – Recycling Solutions – Corporate

Manager – Recycling Solutions Industries

Finance Manager

Factory Manager

Manager – Recycling Solutions Fabric Operations

Mr. Abdullah Kassim
Managing Director

Mr. Rizan Jaufer
Executive Director

Mr. Fazleen Majeed


We work closely with all relevant regulatory bodies in Sri Lanka and overseas, adhering to the highest applicable standards.

Central Environmental Authority (CEA)
Established in August 1981 under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, the CEA is responsible for integrating environmental considerations into the nation’s developmental plans.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
A confederation of Trade Associations, Bilateral Business Councils, and Regional and Sectoral Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice of the Sri Lankan private sector.

National Chamber of Exporters (NCE)
Established in 1986 to support Sri Lankan exporters, the NCE is open to all exporters of products and services, and suppliers of products and services to the export industry.

Sri Lanka Recyclers Association (SLRA)
Bringing together recyclable material end users, collectors, waste generators, and recycling experts, the SLRA is committed to minimizing the import of raw materials and mitigating pollution and associated health issues.

Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB)
Sri Lanka’s premier organisation for the development and promotion of exports, the SLEDB operates under the guidance of the International Trade Center and the United Nations Conference on Development of Trade and Tariffs.

Ministry of Industries
Responsible for promoting industrial development in the country through policymaking, the Ministry of Industries plays a key role in Sri Lanka’s success.